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  • Issues Using Course Mail (Messages) in Blackboard (Monday, March 20, 2017)


    It has been brought to our attention that when using certain mobile devices and browser combinations (mostly Apple devices with Safari) there has been an issue that the first person in the list of available users is being moved to the recipient list as well.  This issue can cause major issues if you are sending personal information that others don't need to see.  When talking to Blackboard about this, they said that they don't support the Course Mail (Messages) feature on a mobile browser and to use a computer to access this feature, and others.  

    We have tested using the FireFox browser on both Apple and Droid devices, and the Course Mail appears to be working correctly.  If you use your mobile device to communicate a lot, we recommend using a different browser than Safari.  If you are using your mobile device, make sure in the recipient list you only see the people you want to contact and not more than those.  

    See a list of unsupported features here,  

    Sorry for these inconveniences,
    ITS Department

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