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  • Blackboard Updates Not Working Consistently (Friday, September 15, 2017)


    We are aware of the issue with the Updates (red number by your name) not working consistently sometimes.  We are currently working with Blackboard Support to try to fix this issue longterm but as of now it isn't there.  There will be times during the day that this feature will not work due to a scheduled restart every hour.  We know a lot of you depend on these notifications to find information about your course but there are other ways of notifications as well.  

    • SMS Notification - If you enter your mobile number by clicking your name --> Settings --> Personal Information you will then be able to enter your mobile number.  Once you do this, click on the Edit Notification Settings and you will be able to tell Blackboard what notifications you want sent to your cell phone by selecting the SMS check box (not Mobile).
    • Blackboard Mobile App - Blackboard also has a new app called Blackboard (can search BB Student as well and has a pencil in a blue box as the image).  This app will work on most mobile devices and will allow you to receive your notifications that way as well. You will have to do the Edit Notification Settings to decide what notifications you want to come to your app by clicking the options under Mobile.  

    Remember, you can also find your grades and materials by going directly to each course and finding the information by using the menu links on the left side of the course.

    Sorry for any inconveniences,
    ITS Department

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